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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Edit

General Statistical Information Edit

  • Damage, Proficiency & Perk Data (Started By: selamor)
    Contents: Damage Statistics, Weapon Proficiency Descriptions, Perk Descriptions, Additional Reference Links.
  • Movement Speed (Started By: fred)
    Contents: Movement Data (e.g., Stance Modifiers, Weapon Modifiers), Misc. Movement Information, Additional Reference Links.
  • Rates of Fire (Started By: fred)
    Contents: Rates of Fire Data (includes variation data with specific attachments).
  • Recoil Plots (Started By: psijaka)
    Contents: Recoil Plots, Post 1st Fire Recoil Percentages, Additional Reference Links.

Other Good Stuff Edit

Previous Call of Duty Games Edit

Fun Stuff Edit

Latest activityEdit

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